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11 Summer Travel Saving Tips

11 Summer Travel Saving Tips

After all, mercury is only telling us that it's hot right now. But we're in summer vacation mode immediately following the summer solstice. From Memorial Day to Labor Day, we find ourselves looking forward to plenty of days in the sun.

If you're disappointed by the idea of a staycation this year, these tips for saving money on your trip will put an end to your dependence on peanut butter, ramen noodles, and Japanese curry.

Summer Travel Saving Tips

1. Pick the perfect time to get away

This may not feel like the way to kick off summer, but you don't have to vacation right now. Enjoy little outings during the season's peak season, and plan to take a longer vacation in the fall or spring. This will provide you with greater financial flexibility and also a much better incentive for your travel expenses.

Keep in mind that bookings may often be saved if you want to go ahead and make your trip anyway. The farther in advance you travel, the less constraining dates will be.

2. Check the exchange rate

If we're fortunate enough to be able to choose where to go, first consider the currency exchange rate. Choose the country where your dollar will hold up the longest. Regardless of the exchange rate, remember to record the value of your money so that you don't lose track while traveling and wind up over budget.

In addition to the exchange rate, consider how easy it is to travel to your location of interest. The price of flights may offset the exchange rate, so review your options before deciding on one location in particular. This will help you stretch your tooth budget just a little bit further.

3. Leave during the middle of the week

People usually fly at the weekend. If you can depart and return on a weekday, you can get a much better flight offer. The day of the week and the destination may be a factor in your flight prices, but so is how far in advance you book your flight.

There are many different theories and ideas about how best to save on airfare. Perhaps explore your budget when deciding what flights to take. It might work out in your favor to not select the destination as the first thing to consider.

4. Comparison shop airports

If you're riding to a bigger city, such as Los Angeles or New York, you'll have the option of deciding between multiple airports. You may have a longer drive between one airport and go to your hotel than another, but savings on the flight may outweigh that additional travel time. Don't forget to take into account the costs associated with a rental car and fuel, regardless of means of transportation you plan to use.

As well, take a close look at your options. If you're traveling to the Outer Banks, for example, compare the cost of traveling to Norfolk versus Raleigh. Be flexible, and perhaps a bit adventurous.

5. Avoid the cab

Ride-sharing services such as Lyft and ber may charge you more for transporting you to the airport than they would if you were going elsewhere in the city.

If you live in a city, consider public transportation to the airport. This can be a substantial savings, but ensure a backup plan if your flight changes.

6. Stay in a house instead of a hotel

Airbnb and Vrbo have given travelers much more options for fitting a series of budgets. Set the price of preparing your own breakfast and renting a car to that of the hotel breakfast and shuttle service that may be included.

The more you do the research, the more options become available. From hostels to hammocks, as well as yurts and cabins and lookout towers, you can rest comfortably just about anywhere.

7. Pick up a guidebook

The cost of a good book can prove well worth it. (But if you don't believe it will be useful, investigate your nearby library just do not leave behind a copy of the text while you're on vacation) For instance, if you've ever wanted to travel the Mississippi River road, a guidebook can teach you about places to dine in the markets and beautiful sights along the way.

Most travel guides give suggestions for when to go to certain locations, what activities are available at no charge, and which fantastic restaurants to try. Some also include suggestions for self-guided walking tours that contain an enormous amount of fascinating trivia and fun surprises. Pick up a good travel guide long before your trip to help set up your getaway.

8. Don’t overpack your luggage

Chances are you may be buying some souvenirs. Don't get caught shipping things back because you have a limit when you're hauling it through the airport. Leave some room, even if you don't get everything in your backpack.

Another advantage to traveling light is that lighter bags might translate into fewer rental car expenses.

9. Be aware of any card fees

Check for your bank, credit card, or credit union before leaving on your trip to see whether there are additional costs associated with using your debit card or credit card overseas. You may want to exchange currency at your bank before leaving as well, to avoid typically higher fees charged at airports.

Also, have an emergency method to receiving money from your credit card in case you misplace or lose it while traveling abroad. Be sure you know how you can contact your financial institution or credit card firm if you ever need to do so.

10. Find low-cost entertainment or excursions

Many cities and towns have attractions, festivals, and museums that you can pay for without spending any money. Write down the websites you can see so you won't have to look them up before you leave home. If you're vacationing with your significant other, they can still have a good time even on a low budget.

Because of the possibilities offered to people at home that you can do on vacation, you can work on anything from simple arts and crafts to geocaching while on vacation. Public parks lease watercraft by the hour that expenses less than an expensive resort. Local parks, state parks, and national forests have many different activities a lot of them free of charge to pick and enjoyable for teenagers throughout the summer. Look into them, too.

11. Limit meals out each day

If your vacation destination is known for its cuisine, there's something about eating out at restaurants that makes expending your vacation funds on dinner particularly difficult to resist. Besides, since you'll save some of your meal budget for the midday meal, indulging in an evening meal won't make you feel quite as guilty.

You can splurge or save more overall. Whether in the scope of food, transportation, tours, or lodging, the key to saving money without compromising the fun is to cut unnecessary expenses.

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